What are The Best Crossfit Gloves? Reviews 2021

Best Crossfit Gloves Reviews

The Best Crossfit Gloves Reviews 2021

Here is our guide to choosing the best CrossFit glovesCrossfit is one of the sports disciplines aimed at conditioning oneself physically by breaking the routine thanks to the multitude of activities proposed by this practice. It is more and more practiced and allows to mobilize the whole body and can increase strength, endurance, but also flexibility.

However, to practice it serenely and effectively it is necessary to use different accessories for practice in all peace. Among the latter one can quote here the essential CrossFit manic tools which are a kind of gloves and which are often necessary for this sport which is the CrossFit.

CrossFit hand grips: What is it?

Since CrossFit is an intense sports activity, it is often necessary to wear protective gear when you practice it. In the case of CrossFit handgrips, the latter is mainly used to preserve the hands of possible irritation and abrasions that are quite common when using or clinging to bars.

Potholders are therefore open gloves mainly made of leather and which protect the palm of the hands.

In which cases to use CrossFit gloves?

Whay use crossFit gloves

It is necessary to use potholders in the case where we perform an exercise based on the use of any bar.

It is generally the professionals of the professional gymnastics who use this accessory and this to protect their hand’s bulbs but also to ensure a good grip and thus to avoid slipping. But lately, crossfitters have also perceived its usefulness since the potholders are generally a good alternative for bodybuilding gloves.

The use of CrossFit gloves is often associated with magnesia which is a hand drying product that absorbs sweat.

Choosing the best CrossFit gloves potholders for the CrossFit may seem easy enough, but given the different models and different brands on the market it may be lost a little. To help you see a little more clearly here are some of the best gloves for CrossFit.


Our selection and our opinions on the best gloves for CrossFit

WODies by JerkFit – Best CrossFit grips

JerkFit CrossFit gloves

CrossFit is a physical activity that can be done by everyone without any question of level.

However, if your goal is to use regular and relatively intensive training then it goes without saying that you will necessarily need suitable equipment designed to withstand hundreds of hours of use while you always ensuring the same security and comfort.

And that’s exactly what these JerkFit CrossFit gloves are all about which have been developed for demanding athletes looking for the best in this field.

Thanks to them your training will take on a whole new dimension and there is no doubt that after having tried them for the first time you will not imagine a single second being able to pass you from them.

With a perfect fit of your wrist thanks to a patented design these JerkFit CrossFit gloves will allow you to lift heavier weights than usual without the risk of injury.

In addition, the coating of the palm of the hand slightly webbed adapts perfectly to the skin for a natural sensation and comfort.

When you do your practice will not feel like wearing gloves. The sensation is then more natural you will only have to concentrate on your efforts and not on your comfort which will be irreproachable.

These JerkFit CrossFit gloves designed in the United States, are of professional quality.

And it’s obvious that they will quickly become your favorite sports accessories.


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Gloves for the RDX CrossFit

Gloves for the RDX CrossFit

Originals, but far from uninteresting the RDX CrossFit gloves have some innovations that could change your vision of CrossFit.

Thanks to them you will be able to gain comfort and efficiency during your training all for a, particularly modest sum.

But above all, we wanted to return to their unique design.

Although the wrist strap is fairly standard the palm liner is made from a brand-specific material called no-slip. In particular, it ensures a perfect grip of the weights you lift while guaranteeing you optimal comfort and impeccable hand protection.

The only flaw we could recognize with these RDX Crossfit Gloves might be the fact that they do not have finger straps on them.

Unfortunately, the palm of the hand will hang when you have no weight in your hands, which could leave you feeling slightly uncomfortable.

But anyway these gloves are still quite recommendable for casual sportsmen looking for reliable and economical equipment.


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RDX Weight Lifting Gloves Leather Cowhide Gym Crossfit Workout

RDX Weight Lifting Gloves

Made from NAPP leather the RDX is the best CrossFit gloves they are very sturdy and durable. They are ideal for intensive weightlifting and CrossFit sessions.

These gloves offer maximum protection for the palms of the hand thanks to a non-slip palm pad padded with Shell-shock gel.

The cuffs are also well protected with these gloves RDX since they are provided with wrist protectors with Velcro closure to ensure the maintenance of the joints.

The cut of these gloves is half cut to bring out the fingers and maximize ventilation, which is ideal for those who do not appreciate the closed gloves.

Traction lovers are thrilled with these gloves because they offer a grip without slip and significantly increases its grip with its straps that stabilize the wrists. They are available in several sizes and are suitable for all types of athletes, they are the best gloves for kettlebells too.


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GymPaws: the revolution of the potholder


The GymPaws are essential when it comes to potholders or even gloves. Highly appreciated by crossfitters but also by all the followers of the physical culture.

These potholders propose an unequaled catch thanks to their rather particular form. it has 4 slots to insert the fingers, which allows for maximum comfort when it comes to grabbing a bar.

it has a reinforced neoprene palm guard which greatly reduces friction with the bars.

Their strong point is undoubtedly the fact that they allow hands to be totally free, which sets them apart from other hand protection accessories.


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Trideer Workout Gloves, Full Palm Protection & Extra Grip

Trideer Workout Gloves

Trideer Fitness is a multi-purpose glove that is suitable for all sports disciplines where it is common to use weights and bars.

It is unisex and is available in all possible sizes of hands. Very comfortable and functional this glove is made of a material made with microfibre ultra-resistant and lightweight.

Equipped with wrist support made of breathable mesh velcro strap this Trideer Fitness glove effectively protects the wrist joints and also keeps them warm which is ideal during warm-ups.

Very practical and also safe, the part that protects the palm of the hand has a layer that has been specifically designed to reduce contact with the bars but also allows for a good grip.


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How to choose your best CrossFit gloves?

Although we only need to use them from time to time, gloves for the practice of CrossFit must still be chosen according to specific criteria. Any pair of gloves does not work! Here are some details on how to choose your best CrossFit gloves!

How to choose your best CrossFit glovesThe thickness

This is the most important detail for choosing the best CrossFit gloves! To keep a good grip during the exercises at the helm it is indeed necessary that the gloves are the finest possible.

Like a second skin, it must feel the bar as if it were taken with bare hands and they must not act as a kind of barrier. The thicker the glove the less good it is to close the hand and the less the grip is solid! The many repetitions of exercises and intensive training tend to tire and if we do not hold tight to the bar we may slip at any time and it can become dangerous!


When choosing gloves for CrossFit you should also be interested in the fabric used for their manufacture. If it is important that they are not too thick they must also follow the movements of the hand with fluidity.

It is therefore advisable to choose gloves both light and flexibly designed in a flexible material such as Spandex for example. The glove is then able to stretch together with the fingers and especially when it is chosen to the right size it sticks perfectly to the skin and avoids internal friction. The lighter the gloves the more they are forgotten!

The presence of seams

The presence of seamsThis is a small detail that we do not necessarily think about but it is quite important! Many gloves have seams on the palm usually around the thumb to follow the palm of the hand when pressed. When it comes to choosing the best gloves for the CrossFit you have to choose at all costs gloves that do not have this kind of seams!

One of the reasons for using these gloves is to avoid or minimize injuries and these seams tend to have the opposite effect. When hanging on the bars and during movements, they can indeed come rub on the inside of the palm and thus cause blisters. In addition, if these seams are thick they can also become annoying during prolonged grip.

Wrist support

Finally, to choose your best CrossFit gloves it must be verified that they have a good system of grip on the wrist. Whether it’s a simple wide elastic or a Velcro quality the important thing is that the glove remains in place during the entire duration of the exercise and it does not escape because of a movement a little abrupt! If the grip must be solid, it should not either fall too low on the wrist if it is thick, as with a scratch for example. The flexion of the wrist would be hampered, and it could then interfere in the awareness of the exercises!

Best Crossfit Gloves reviews: Conclusion

Crossfit gloves are really useful when performing various exercises as they allow to have a better grip of the bar to protect the hand and wrist and especially to maintain good hygiene. However, some of the CrossFit prefer to do without this accessory and it is because of the sensation of discomfort.

That’s why most choose to opt for the potholders which are a kind of gloves but leave most of the hand free. They are very used in the field of gymnastics.

However, with regard to the CrossFit which brings together a range of exercises hard enough it is important to think well to protect yourself. In the case of hands-only gloves can offer complete protection to date.


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Best Crossfit Gloves Reviews 2021

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