KODI Guide: What You Should Know (complete guide)

KODI  complete guide

For those who do not know it yet, Kodi is a software available for almost all operating systems used for streaming and playback of audiovisual content. The peculiarity of this software is that it does not focus only on the simple reproduction of video, but, as we will see in the article, through some tricks it can be used in many different ways, becoming a multi-user software to have absolutely.

KODI: Our complete guide how Kodi works?

To begin to clear up a little ‘more ideas we begin to explain, in a very simple and fast what is Kodi.? Kodi is a media center, ie a software used for playing video, audio and images. It is an open source media player (ie the source code can be consulted and modified by everyone) that in a very few years, thanks to the enormous contribution given by internet users, has become a very versatile tool used on many operating systems for reproduction in local or streaming.

However, soon, this software became famous above all for its support for the reproduction of streaming video content that led Kodi to become one of the most used tools for playing IPTV lists (that is, particular files, with links to television broadcasts at payment that can be used via internet and without paying the television broadcaster the price of the subscription).

What is Addon Kodi?

One of the most successful aspects of Kodi is definitely the Addon, additional components easily found on the internet that go to “expand” the functionality of the software. These particular additional components are divided into two families: the official ones and the unofficial ones.

Which kodi addons are working?

  • Official Add-ons: They would be those developed by the official Kodi community, they are completely legal and they respect all copyrights and copyrights. All official Kodi add-ons are listed on this page.
  • Unofficial Add-ons: These are all those add-ons developed by third parties and that Kodi assumes no responsibility for them. Sometimes, these particular Addons, are not entirely legal and could give you access to pirated content on the network.

The installation of these add-ons is really easy, in fact when you download them from the network you will receive the compressed addon in a .zip file, you just have to proceed to the installation inside your Kodi using the “unknown sources” option and select the compressed .zip file, then Kodi will do the rest going to unpack it and process and install the right files.

What can you do with Kodi?

The functionalities of this software are infinite, thanks above all to the thousands of additional components, official or not, that you can find simply on the web. Obviously, though, Kodi is used more for some purposes, here are some of these:

  • Kodi Play IPTV lists – It is obviously the first use made of this media center, that is to use it to play IPTV lists (.m3u8 files), from legal lists for viewing channels in clear to illegal ones that will allow you to access pay-per-view and paid content.
  • Reproducing online services – Kodi can also be used as a reproducer of audiovisual content that is present on the web. An example is the radios or podcasts that can be imported into Kodi through some add-ons that you can easily find on the net.
  • Use it as a digital terrestrial – Kodi also has the incredible functionality to act as a digital terrestrial and, therefore, to reproduce the contents DVR \ PVR. To use it, however, you will need to have a TV card or a TV key for signal reception.

Is the use of Kodi legal or illegal?

We want to close this complete guide on using Kodi with a question that grips all the inexperienced people who approach the use of this media center: Is it legal or illegal?

The answer is simple: it depends on the use made of it. The software itself is absolutely legal and is developed for absolutely non-harmful purposes. The moment you go to use it, downloading perhaps unofficial add-ons created just for that purpose, to play on your computer illegal content then, as a result, the use of the software is no longer legal.

Why use Kodi with VPN

Kodi users around the world use VPN to avoid receiving any copyright infringement notices and stay safe and anonymous with their online activities.


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