IPTV on Samsung Smart TV: 3 Ways To Watch Iptv On Smart TV

Do you want to enjoy your IPTV subscription but do not know how to import it or use it on your Samsung smart TV? Do not worry today, with this guide, we want to illustrate some methods for importing your IPTV lists on Samsung Smart TVs.

Samsung IPTV Smart TV

Before starting, of course we want to explain briefly what IPTV is and how it works. With the term IPTV in the jargon, we are going to indicate a system of transmission of paid channels through the inherent network and thanks to the use of a particular internet protocol: TCP / IP.

This technology in recent years, has spread very much especially for its great ease behind the payment of a small amount to be able to see on TV or any other device pay channels of TV broadcasters such as BBC or Sky.

Obviously, the purchase of IPTV lists that is, particular files that you will need to watch the channels containing streaming paid channels is a criminal offense that can be punished with administrative penalties.

Our intent, however, today is not that to let you know how to grab these illegal IPTV lists but is to show you some applications that may be useful to run your IPTV list on Samsung Smart TV.

SS IPTV Samsung – Application

IPTV lists SS IPTV Samsung

The first method we want to show you is also the simplest and immediate. In fact we talk about SS IPTV a simple application which you can find on the official Samsung store and that you can install on your Smart TV. This application is made to read your IPTV lists files that you can recognize because they have a special extension of the type .m3u8, giving you the opportunity to start streaming your favorite channels directly from the TV through the use of internet connection home.

To import your .m3u8 files into the application, all you have to do is go to the ” Settings ” section of the application then go to ” Content ” and finally select the ” External Playlist ” item. From here we just have to select the ” Add ” item and add the address of the desired list. By clicking on ” Confirm ” the application will import the file in it and you can start browsing through the channels that you have imported with your IPTV list.


Chromecast – Device

IPTV lists Chromecast

A second method is that which involves the purchase and use of a particular external device called ChromeCast. This particular device developed by Google once attached to the HDMI port of your Samsung smart TV you can send to transmit anything from any device attached to the same Wi-Fi network.

So you will only have to open and proceed to the viewing of your IPTV list from your computer or any other device present under your home network and then send the video signal to the Chromecast attached to the HDMI port of your Samsung Smart TV and as if by magic you will find your channel streaming on the screen of your smart TV.


TV Box -Device

IPTV lists TV Box

The last method we recommend to see your IPTV lists on Samsung Smart TV is to buy a TV BOX. These devices are nothing more than mini-PCs developed on an Android operating system that through an HDMI socket you can pass the video Output on the screen of your smart TV.

Without this through the use of Kodi you can safely run and see your IPTV list on your Samsung Smart TV without any problem.

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IPTV lists on Samsung Smart TVs: conclusion

So this was our mini-guide on how to see your IPTV lists on Samsung Smart TVs. As already mentioned in the article this guide is just an illustration on how to see their lists on a Samsung TV reminding you that the purchase of IPTV lists containing streaming of paid channels is illegal and punishable.



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