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Are you looking for Google Adsense Alternative to earn on your site?

Do you want to make money with a blog? Do you want to make money by writing articles on the internet? To do this you must adhere to one of the advertising circuits that will pay you to show advertising on your site.

Google AdSense is definitely the best in its field but if for any case, because you have been banned or do not want Google advertising on your site.

We know that Google Adsense is by far the best network for advertisers. This is due to a large number of advertisers willing to pay for the millions of daily visits that Google sends them through its advertising platform. But what happens if we can not use AdSense for whatever reason? Imagine that your website does not match their policy, or that you have just banned yourself from the first moment.

When we talk about advertising on our blogs, you should know that there is life beyond Adsense. Today I want to talk about some Google Adsense alternative that I found interesting and you should know if you want to get the most out of your posts.

Here are some of the best Google Adsense Alternative 2020



This is an AdSense alternative that offers popunder advertising, and these ads are the best paid on the web. you can even offer Adblock code for users so that you can win with each visitor to your content.

The minimum to request payment is only $5. The methods of payment accepted are Paypal, Payoneer, and bank transfer, with the great advantage of being a very reliable platform with several years of experience, in addition, PopAds pays usually in less than 24 hours since you made the payment. When registering in PopAds you must register the website with which you want to show ads and generate the code that you will install on the web.



VigLink is another option for Google Adsense alternative that also differs a lot from the rest of those listed here. Transform the normal links of your content into affiliate links. If someone makes a purchase through your link, you will earn a commission for it.

For example, if you have a post in which you talk about a new iPhone, VigLink will add new links or automatically transform the existing links into affiliate links. It’s a type of network that works pretty well for online stores. If you have a blog where you analyze products or talk about them, you might be interested.



An interesting Google Adsense alternative very similar in its operation to other large platforms specialized in this type of advertising in pop-up windows like PopAds, although with its own characteristics and some differences the interface is simple and very clear, the reports are updated almost in real-time.

The minimum is $10 and pays by Paypal, Payza or Paxum in less than 7 days after requesting payment. Once you register in PopCash you must go registering the website where you want to place the banners, if everything is correct, in a few hours they will approve it and you will be able to start using their advertising. All types of websites are allowed except for pages of illegal content and similar so you can monetize almost any type of blog or web page.



It is a particularly suitable choice if your site is in English, but there are also advertisers who turn to our national market.

Pay both clicks and conversions and have a very low payout, only $10, which you can receive via Paypal, Payza or if you prefer, by check.

Visually, the ads are very similar to those of AdSense, but technically they are a bit ‘different, the contextualization, in fact, is not automatic, but you will be able to decide the key of interest, so as to always offer to advertise in line with your content.

BidVertiser also provides an affiliate program that will allow you to earn even on those who will register under you.



Properallards works for CPM (cost per thousand). Specifically, they pay between $0.25 and $ 10 for every thousand impressions the ad receives. If something stands out this platform with respect to the rest is that their ads are generally little intrusive, something that your visitors are very grateful.



Adnow is an online advertising company, It shows a block of different ads that are displayed at the same time, simulating a bar to discover new content. And this is what makes it so attractive.

One of the biggest features and benefits of this type of advertising is that rarely do visitors realize that this content is actually advertising. AdNow is fully compatible with Google Adsense on the same website you can have three maximum ads of Google Adsense and AdNow banners. You have weekly payments via PayPal start from $20, which allows you a constant cash inflow into your account.



Amazon is today the largest online store that exists in the world, so if you talk about different products on your website this may be an option to consider. You can place a large number of images with ads to promote the products. You will be paid a commission for each purchase made by the people you redirect from your website.

If you talk about computer components place a link to the Amazon store so that your visitors can buy the components you speak of, you will receive a commission. If it is a cable you will receive only a few cents, but if it is a laptop you could receive up to $100. In addition, you will receive an amount for each thing they buy, even if it is not the product you have redirected to your visitors.


Revenue hits

Revenue hits It is a very interesting network that has been running for quite some time now. Many people have used this service with very good results and it’s definitely a great Google Adsense alternative.

They pay you based on the results (CPA), so it is a good option if you have many websites focused on specific topics. Your platform will learn and adapt automatically to your results, so in case you try it, I recommend that you have it working for at least a week. You will be paid every thirty days by Paypal, Payoneer and bank transfer. You can register from



Infolinks is without a doubt the most popular Google Adsense alternative. It is fully compatible with AdSense, and you can earn money with ads through these 2 networks. There are many different ad formats. Many users say advertising is a bit intrusive and they do not pay too much, but it is best to try it yourself.

This advertising format consists of placing advertising links in some relevant keywords within the content. For example, flu symptoms have a link that takes you to an online pharmacy. The good thing is they have a minimum payment of $50 per PayPal.



This is an AdSense alternative very similar to Google’s. Although it can also be applied to websites in other languages. The banners that this website creates are contextual and are placed according to the type of users that visit this web or blog.



It is a good choice because of its quantity and not so much for its quality. The key to Yllix is ?? that it offers a very good CTM, and its website is simple and intuitive.



Google Adsense alternative that we have discussed are some of the best advertising networks, but there are many more. But these still a good option if you want to get the most out of your website because most of them can not only replace Google AdSense but can generate revenue at the same time. We hope you take advantage of it since it is a good way to make the work profitable.

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Best Google Adsense Alternative 2020

These are the best Google Adsense alternative choose the one that suits your blog and you think it’s good for you visitors

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These are the best Google Adsense alternative choose the one that suits your blog and you think it's good for you visitors.

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