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Nowadays we all Use internet in day to day life right? Yes then if we ever want to connect our smartphones with our laptops to surf the web, Then we must use wi-fi mediums to access the web on our phones. so today In This Article I Am Going To share a guide on How To Make WiFi Hotspot In Windows PC In simple steps: For this purpose, I found Connectify Hotspot Pro software is the best one to do the task.


So how Connectify Hotspot Pro software works?

The Hotspot software Pro is free for first two days, and after that days, we need to pay the premium account. Believe me; the premium account is completely worth, and they suggest us going on the same way. We can’t find the crack file of it, and if we break then, our PC comes with the risk. So, just to be sure and use the proper equipment of this software, we need to go to the two days of free analysis and later we can buy the premium account. These Two days of free usage give us an idea of how this software works.


The requirement for such software is very simple and clear. Because We are living in the era of smartphones and related by the internet all around us. We cannot think of a day without the internet, and that’s the main reason we need to sure that the internet connection which we are using on our computer to run our Smartphone, tablet, and any other Wi-Fi device.

There is only one option to that is by purchasing a Wi-Fi router and utilizing it for the thing but why to spend money in that when we can do the same by utilizing our current computer or laptop. It just requires Wi-Fi technology with an accurate and advanced version of drivers installed.


How to make WI-FI hotspot in windows 7/8 & windows XP/10 PC with CONNECTIFY HOTSPOT PRO


connectify-hotspot-pro-software make wifi hotspot in windows

The method is very simple and clear. We can install WI-FI Hotspot, but you need to go in the proper way and don’t miss out any step of installing the software.

  • We need first to download Connectify Hotspot software.It is for free, and I recommend you to get it from its official website only.
  • Once the installer package of Connectify software is downloading completely, then start the installation process. We have to double click on the same file and then start going with the given screen guidance.
  • The software installation is as same as any another software. We were installed this in past. The process continues with clicking on Next, accepting the license agreement, and moving forward till we reach the Finish button. Ultimately, the software begins.
  • The software will start immediately, and we need to learn how to handle it, because of it is easy and classic regarding users interface.
  • In the application, we need to enter the Wi-Fi Hotspot name which we want to give to our hotspot and then the password keys for the same.
  • When we enter those two details, then we need to click on Start Hotspot button. Forget the rest of the settings by error and immaculate.
  • The process is over from the applications side, and so it is finished now. We do not require doing something else. Once we buy the premium account of this application or software, then we will be ready to see more premium characteristics and functions of the software. Like, we will be able to see the number of devices connected to our connection, and we can even control them or monitor them.

Features of Connectify Hotspot Pro for Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 Computer

  • We can share our internet connection with full speed inside the range of WiFi network.
  • We can protect our WiFi with a password.
  • We can share our files very quickly.
  • Play many player games between any numbers of computers.
  • Price-$19
  • Rating-4.7/5
  • Rating gives by 5722 users-(rating taken from the web)


Connectify is offering 70% off on all its licenses


Do not forget these steps>>
  • Make sure that we turned on our WiFi adapter
  • Must restart our computer


All about the tool, we love the WIFI Router pretty enough, as it helps us not only to build hotspot in seconds but also to share videos across WiFi, which is a big matter of fertility. Although, we love to know which WiFi Hotspot creation tool we are using. If we are not ready to download some of these tools to generate a hotspot, we hope the standard method; utilizing Windows Command Prompt will surely help us as each and every Windows-based PC comes with CMD. It is very easy and useful, but we need to use properly this software. That was all for Connectify Hotspot Pro reviews if you like this share it with your friends.


  • Connectify Hotspot Pro


After all Connectify Hotspot Pro is the ideal software for Wi-Fi Hotspot

8.5 Total Score

After all Connectify Hotspot Pro is the ideal software for Wi-Fi Hotspot

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