What is the Best Shaker Bottles for Protein Drinks?

best protein shaker for Protein

Best Shaker Bottles

After prolonged exercise, it is believed that the body is able to take nutrients in a limited period to increase muscle mass. The shaker bottles for protein helps facilitate the integration of proteinsamino acids and carbohydrates.

And thanks to this accessory you can quickly switch from a catabolic state of consumption to an anabolic regeneration.


The best

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5 Best protein shaker bottles for Protein Drinks

In this guide, we offer you the most popular bottle models on the web. And, thanks to online sales, you have the possibility to buy them at the lowest price and receive them comfortably at your home.

The opinions and tests of the athletes who regularly use them after training can help you identify the most suitable product for you. Enjoy the reading!


Digoo Protein Shaker DG-VX1

The best for: hermetic closure


Shaker Protein Bottle, ...

Digoo Protein Shaker DG-VX1



Its use is very simple: just add the desired liquid, press the button to activate the engine, insert the powder and wait 30 seconds.

The hermetic seal prevents leakage during mixing. It has a capacity of 450 milliliters and is made of durable stainless steel and acrylic, free of BPA.

To clean it, just add water and soap, turn the engine on and, after a few moments, rinse.

Features at a Glance

  • Practice
  • Fast
  • Resistant


Cyclone Cup CC07

The best for: every type of ingredient

Cyclone Cup CC07

Cyclone Cup CC07

It is developed with the revolutionary Cyclone Mixing technology (a patented system), which facilitates the mixing of ingredients, even the most compact and difficult to dilute.

It has a capacity of 591 milliliters. Its ergonomic design allows you to grip and operate in a comfortable and effective way.

Its construction materials, particularly robust, are completely free of BPA and DEHP.

Features at a Glance

  • Patented
  • Ergonomic
  • capacious


Alpha Designs Shaker for protein shakes

Best for: high capacity

Alpha Designs Shaker

Alpha Designs

It has a high capacity of 750 milliliters, allowing to prepare a large quantity of always ready to drink mixture.

The screw cap and the special silicone gasket avoid any risk of accidental spillage of the ingredients. The curved bottom prevents the deposit of dust, thus simplifying cleaning operations as much as possible.

It is devoid of BPA and dehp and can be inserted into most car glasses.

Features at a Glance

  • Ergonomic
  • Simple cleaning
  • Practice


Camtoa Bottle Mixer

The best for: compactness


Camtoa Bottle Mixer

Camtoa Bottle Mixer

Currently unavailable.

Its compact size (22.5 x 8.4 x 5.8 cm) makes it an ideal accessory to take to the gym, for an immediate nutrient intake after training.

It can hold up to 450 milliliters of ingredients, which are instantly mixed at the touch of a button.

It self-cleans with great ease, just insert a little water and detergent and press the activation button. It is made of stainless steel AS / silicone.

Features at a Glance

  • Practice
  • Versatile
  • Robust



Best Body BBN Hardcore

The best for: integrated box to store the ingredients


Best Body BBN Hardcore

BBN Hardcore

Its cup can hold up to 600 milliliters of ingredients, which can be dosed easily thanks to the gradation system in 50 milliliters.

On the bottom of the bottle is screwed a special box-tank able to accommodate 120 grams of powder, to bring with it the supply of nutrients.

The lid is foldable. Easy to clean, you can wash it in the dishwasher.

Features at a Glance

  • Design
  • Practice
  • Easy cleaning



What is the anabolic window?

best protein shaker bottles

Bodybuilders, and in general those who practice prolonged intense activity, push the muscles to use metabolic fuels at an accelerated rate.

In order to sustain sustained physical exertion, the body draws on endogenous reserves to supply fatty acidsglucose and amino acids for oxidation.

After training, to promote physical recovery, the catabolic environment that has been created must be quickly modified to move to an anabolic environment. The intake of certain nutrients helps to start the processes of repair of damaged tissue and to reconstitute the energy reserves.

This phase is short-term and lasts only for 2-3 hours after exercise: this is why it is called an anabolic window.


Protein in the shaker bottle?

It has been theorized that the intake of specific ingredients (in particular proteins, amino acids and carbohydrates ) contributes to the increase of muscle mass, recovery of energy supplies and the immediate inhibition of metabolism that would continue for a while almost for inertia.

The intake of powdered supplements is obviously more facilitated in the form of drinks rather than bars.

The best way to quickly take the substances necessary for this process is to shake them from powdered proteins with freshly prepared beakers. Here is explained the proliferation among the athletes of the shaker bottles.

The intuition of making shaker bottles is quite recent: the first bottles were in fact designed in 2004 but only in 2010 have had the boom among the regulars of the gyms.


What is a protein shaker bottle?

These shakers are very similar to the cocktail glasses used by bartenders. They consist of a container of variable capacity, with a removable cap to seal liquids or smoothies and add proteins and supplements in powder form.

Once the container is closed and the different components shaking, the mix is amalgamated until it becomes a smoother and tastier drink. Obviously, the mix can be prepared at home and kept in a bag, ready to be consumed after training.

Some models are equipped with stirrers driven by an electric motor powered by batteries and allow to obtain a more homogeneous and tasty drink.


Features of the protein shaker bottle?

Inside the shaker there can be particular devices, such as filters or structures, to facilitate the mixing of the different elements without the formation of foam (which occupies volume) or lumps not dissolved.

A good shaker bottle must have some basic features, including:

  • a good seal
  • adequate strength
  • effective mixing mechanisms
  • cleanliness


Seal and strength shaker bottles for protein?

leaky bottle, with a cap that does not close properly or an inefficient seal, is the sure way to ruin your day. Above all your protein drink floods everything you have in your bag: clothes, towel, shoes …

The construction material must be unbreakable. It must not be damaged in case of collisions or accidental falls, even if it is subjected to multiple stresses during outdoor fitness activities.

It must ensure a good grip, especially if you have sweaty hands, and must be of quality to ensure a long life.


Mixing and cleaning protein shaker bottles?

A self- respecting mixer must be designed with efficient mixing mechanisms. The worst thing about taking a protein drink is to find more or less large lumps of powder that have not perfectly blended and melted.

Among the proposed mechanisms, apart from those with electric stirrer, there are those with a cyclonic structure, those that use pellets. There are also bottles with vibration and stirring at high speed.

The bottle must also be easy to clean. It must be possible to disassemble and clean accurately in every corner and slot. If this is not possible, it is likely that food residues can lead to the accumulation of bacteria, to the detriment of proper hygiene.

The idea is that it can also be washed in the dishwasher.


Shaker bottles materials for proteins?

Plastics must be free of free BPA ( Bisphenol A ), an industrial chemical toxic substance that can cause severe effects on the brain, malformation of fetuses and children, high blood pressure problems.

In any case, in accordance with the EU Regulation, all plastic products, especially those in contact with food, must be BPA free.


Best protein shaker design for proteins?

Dimensions are important since not everyone drinks the same amount of liquid. Better to choose a product that offers a capacity that is appropriate to its consumption needs.

Even the design can be a determining factor of choice between a model and another. The colors, structure, graphics and extra features can have a positive impact on your decision to prefer a particular model.

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