Best Portable Air Compressor In 2020 Reviews

Designed to produce a constant stream of pressurized air, the best portable air compressors are handy household and commercial accessories. Recommended for light-duty cleaning jobs at home, most models are perfect for inflating trucks tires, cars and bicycle tires. With the help of blow attachments, they are also perfect for dusting floors, cleaning seats, and unclogging gutters.

If you do the foregoing jobs often and want a dependable portable air compressor that you can use effortlessly, we have reviewed the 10 best models for 2020. Readily available in the Amazon web store, their compact and portable designs are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The heavy-duty materials and components used to make them are professional-grade, while their safe and convenient systems suit most needs.

Top 8 Best Portable Air Compressor

8. Senco PC1010 – Senco air compressor pc1010n

Senco PC1010 - Senco air compressor pc1010n

Designed to deliver 20-44 drivers per minute, Senco PC1010 is a convenient 1-horsepower compressor for doing most light-duty jobs. If you do home improvement jobs often, for instance, and do specialized crafts that require compressed air, it is a handy accessory to own. Portable, for instance, you can carry it around effortlessly as you work. The large one-gallon tank offered lasts long, while its heavy-duty steel construction lasts long. When dropped, for instance, it does not puncture nor malfunction easily. The individuals’ gauges offered are long-lasting, while the 125-psi maximum pressure it generates is desirable. Senco PC1010 has a one-year warranty.

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7. BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor

BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor

Bostitch BTFP02012 is a 6-gallon 150-psi best portable air compressor with an easy to use pancake design. It is stable, portable (29 pounds), and made of long-lasting steel. The oil and maintenance-free pump it uses last long, while its quiet 78.5dB system is favorable in all work environments. You do not need a pair of earmuffs whilst working. The risk of long-term ear damage is also low whether you are working indoors or outdoors. Off the shelf, Bostitch BTFP02012 comes with couplers and a high flow regulator that better its performance further.

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6. Porter cable air compressor – Best portable air compressor for car

Featuring a compact pancake-shape design that works oil-free, PORTER-CABLE C2002-WK is a valuable everyday best portable air compressor. Perfect for inflating tires, dusting cars, and stripping paint, its 2.6 SCFM design (at 90 psi) is desirable. It is also stable and has a high capacity design (six gallons) that enables users to work longer. With each purchase, you get a professional-grade 13-piece accessory kit including a leak-proof factory-installed plug and coupler.


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5. DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor


With DEWALT DWFP55126, you get a 165-psi 6-gallon portable air compressor with a fun to use pancake design. Retailing cheap online, most individuals and contractors can afford this one of the best portable air compressors. Its travel-worthy design (30 pounds) is super-convenient, while the I-HP motor it uses is not only efficient but also quiet (75.5dB). When working, therefore, it will spare you the annoying buzzing sound that some portable air compressors make. This unit has a high-flow regulator for safety, rubberized legs that protect floors, and a removable console cover that protects its controls.

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4. DEWALT DWFP55130 Trim Air Compressor


Featuring a powerful 200-psi system, DEWALT DWFP55130 is a heavy-duty portable air compressor that handles the most challenging of jobs effortlessly. Quiet (75.1dB), lightweight (36 pounds), and with a trim low profile design that consumes less workspace, it is an excellent day-to-day best portable air compressors. The low watt motor (12 amps) used cuts down electricity consumption significantly, while its novel oil-free design works for years maintenance-free. Buyers receive a limited one-year warranty on defects.

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3. Makita MAC700 HP Air Compressor

Makita MAC700 HP Air Compressor

Christened the Big Bore, Makita MAC700 is a powerful 2.0 horsepower air compressor with a cast iron 1,720-rpm pump. Because of its greater stroke and bore its power output is desirable. The pressure is high and consistent, while its significantly lower noise level enables individuals to work longer with minimal irritation. Even though oil lubricated, this best portable air compressors lasts as long as the most acclaimed oil-less models. Its stable design is durable, while its one-year warranty covers all manufacturing defects it might have.


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2. Campbell Hausfeld DC080500 – Portable Quiet Air Compressor

Campbell Hausfeld DC080500

With Campbell Hausfeld DC080500, you get half the noise of contemporary portable air compressors (68dB) without compromising power. Perfect for inflation, fastening, stapling, nailing, and hobby painting, the 125 psi of air it generates (maximum) is impressive. Its large wheels roll smoothly for easier transportation, while its 8-gallon tank keeps users working longer. Campbell Hausfeld DC080500 has an oil-less system that does not break down easily. Over the years, it will serve you excellently without worrying about expensive repairs

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1. Hitachi KNT50AB – Best Portable Air Compressor

Hitachi KNT50AB

Hitachi KNT50AB is a combo electric best portable air compressor that consists of a premium pancake compressor (EC710S) and a brad nailer (NT50AE2). Lightweight, it is a perfect travel accessory. Its well-balanced body is easy to maneuver, while the industrial-grade hose and air fittings it comes with lasts long. With a working pressure of 150 psi, the rugged and reliable performance users enjoy has attracted it positive attention globally. Its stable pancake-style tank accommodates up to six gallons of air, while its comfortable tight-gripping handles ease usage and transportation further. In addition to these portable air compressors, you get a free lubricant tool (pneumatic) and safety glasses.


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These best portable air compressor machines were chosen in relation to their features and how well they can suit your needs. these high-quality machines play an important role in how well you choose to use them whether for cleaning at home, truck tires, Cars, bicycles…etc

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Best Portable Air Compressor Reviews 2020

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