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Free VPNs Chrome Extensions

VPN extension for chrome serves many purposes. One is to create a tunnel to visit each site without geographical restrictions and to maintain privacy and anonymity online on what is done on the internet.

By installing one of the best free VPNs chrome extensions for Google Chrome described below, it will be possible to ensure that your Internet connection is protected from passing through an anonymous virtual network.

All the data packets sent and requested, before arriving at the destination or to our computer, pass through the server belonging to the company that manages the VPN: this makes our connection “covered”, because the websites we visit will have information about the virtual network server protected and not related to the terminal from which we are actually browsing.

In this article, we will describe the best VPN extensions for Google Chrome, highlighting both the merits and the defects of each alternative, so that you can choose which extension best suits your needs.

How VPN extension for chrome works?

The extensions route the packets to the server of the company that manages the VPN and from that server, the connection to the Internet is established.

The internet traffic then passes through this remote server so that online services and websites will think that the connection comes only from there, without having any reference regarding our computer. Of course, there are also paid and free VPN software

If you surf with Google Chrome you can have a VPN to route traffic and overcome any limitation of the internet world with these extensions.

If you are not looking for anything too complicated you can rely on browser extensions, in this article we will see the best and free VPN chrome.


Top Best Free VPNs Chrome Extensions 2018

  • ZenMate
  • Hotspot Shield
  • DotVPN
  • Windscribe
  • Hola Better Internet
  • Tunnelbear


1) ZenMate 

ZenmateVPN It is a very simple extension to use, which is activated automatically after registering your personal account. For registration, it is sufficient to provide an email address: the password will be generated automatically and can be changed later.

A VPN connection that does not stop using data | Server locations: 4 | IP addresses: N / A | Maximum number of supported devices: 5 Unlimited data traffic with plan connection user-friendly browser extensions only four locations with plan free connection is also ad-supported

Developed by a German company, ZenMate is available for free download and offers unlimited traffic to all users. Being a German company, the information shared through ZenMate is more than secure, because the laws in force in Germany are concerned with protecting the privacy of Internet users. Recall, for example, that in the United States the notorious Patriot Act is in force.

A particularity of ZenMate is the possibility to choose from which location to get the signal, choosing the VPN server to use. The locations are varied, including New York, Zurich, London, and Frankfurt.

With the speed accelerator present by default, ZenMate guarantees an incredible browsing speed, thanks above all to the sophisticated data compression algorithm. It offers free VPNs chrome Extensions Also available for Opera and Firefox browsers


2) Hotspot Shield Android Vpn   (Tested and recommended)

You do not need to create an account to use this free VPNs chrome extension. The data transfer speed is good, but it depends on the server/location you connected to. For free you can use various positions, except for USA, United Kingdom, and France. Furthermore, Hotspot Shield can block malware, trackers, cookies, etc.

Vpn does not come easier to use than this

| Server locations: 1 | IP addresses: N / A | Maximum number of supported devices: 5

Infallible interface 750MB daily data allowance Performance can be hit-and-miss No UK or US server with a free plan. One of the best-known names in the corporate VPN. No need for any personal information, which is obviously a welcome plus privacy. Using this VPN really could not be easier. Clicking on a large button links to the best server for your location, and you can start browsing. Click the disconnect button again.

US and UK servers are not included with the free plan, but you get access to Canada, Chile, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, the Netherlands, the Russian Federation, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey.

The free version gives you 750 MB of data a day, but the performance is variable. We got up to 30mbps at best, but it was usually a lot less, with most sites taking considerably more time to load.


3) DotVPN

DotVPN is a great VPN chrome extension to use a free VPN without limits that allows you to make anonymous the connection to websites, encrypted, secure and with the possibility to choose between 12 countries to falsify the location and make it appear that we are connecting to the internet from another place.

With DotVPN, Chrome’s first VPN, you can open all websites, videos and streaming services without geographical restrictions, with traffic compression, encryption, the total privacy of the identity and IP address, the ability to browse onion sites of the TOR network, integrated firewall. A click on the icon in the extension bar will serve to learn more about the selected remote server and its location.

You can use a menu to switch to another server and simulate an internet connection from the USA, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Japan, and Russia. This free offer is packed with interesting features

| Server positions: 10 | IP: N / A | Maximum number of supported devices: 5

You get a simple firewall, along with, tracker and block analytics – there’s also a ‘band saver’ that tells the company can save up to 30% of data traffic with integrated compression. These tools to be effective? That depends on your use of the internet, but DotVPN does its best to help you discover. Open the dotvpn chrome extension at any time and view the number of ads, trackers, google analytics, and blocked network attacks in the last seven days.

DotVPN offers for, the entire Premium account gets a full VPN and their use in up to five $3 (£2.40) devices a month, paid annually.


4) Windscribe  (Tested and recommended)

Offers a free plan with a generous data allowance

| Position server: 8 | IP addresses: N / A | Maximum number of supported devices: 1

The free plan offers you 10gb of monthly data Some great features Subscription plans are not cheap long performance distance can be flakier, Free browser-based free VPNs chrome extensions are often disappointing, but Windscribe is pleasantly different: it has fewer limits, more features, and, on balance, it’s a quality service, you might actually want to use.

An important advantage is the fact that you do not need to subscribe, only the choice of a username gets 2GB of data traffic a month for free. Delivering an email address gets you an impressive 10GB a month, though, the best way to some of the contest.

Options include US Central, East, West of the US, Eastern Canada, Western Canada, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and the UK.

Whatever you use, you get the same fast performance as your business plans. In our tests, which meant that at 30 Mbps and faster download speeds from UK servers, 25-30 Mbps from Europe, 15-20Mbps when connecting to our closest US server.

Smart bonuses can remove ads, trackers and social media buttons, randomly or rotate your user agent to help stop recognition sites.

The Pro plan is achieved by an unlimited number of bandwidth and access to full 45 locations. It’s a bit more expensive at $ 7.50 (£6) a month paid each year, but there are a lot of applications and you can install on how many devices.


5) Hola Better Internet  

Created by an Israeli company, is a non-traditional VPN extension for chrome, with an innovative system that guarantees not only a secure and anonymous connection but also faster. Traffic is powered by the same users who decide to take advantage of Hola Better Internet to navigate in extreme security.

The free VPN chrome extension for Chrome Hola Better Internet does not require the registration of a personal account, but it can be exploited to the maximum immediately after the free installation, granting the access also to all the sites obscured at national or company level.

In addition to the practical extension for Google Chrome, hola VPN chrome it is also available as an official application for Android devices, but above all also available for browsers Firefox, and also for Mac OS X.

If you need more servers or locations to access blocked sites, Hola is certainly for you as it has many servers. You do not need an account and there are no bandwidth limits. Changing the server is easy enough, just install the extension and click on the button to activate the VPN.


6) Tunnelbear  

Makes it easy and automatic to access the internet via the free VPNs chrome to browse securely with the encrypted connection (very useful if you are connected by public wifi) and to visit sites obscured or inaccessible in your country. The connection can be simulated by several European countries including Italy, from Spain, USA, England, France, Germany, and others. The free account limits the ability to keep the VPN active for traffic of 500 MB per month.


Free VPNs Chrome Extensions: Conclusion

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  • Best Free VPNs Chrome Extensions


Top Best Free VPNs Chrome Extensions 2018

These are the best free VPNs for chrome browser that actually works quickly and simple to set up, So choose the one that suits you.

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Top Best Free VPNs Chrome Extensions 2018

These are the best free VPNs for chrome browser that actually works quickly and simple to set up, So choose the one that suits you.

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