[Top 3] Best FM Transmitters 2019 : The Complete Review

Best FM Transmitters 2018

As you know Bluetooth FM transmitters are particularly useful in a car to listen to your favorite music during long journeys. Very easy to use it can synchronize your smartphone (iPhone or Android) or an MP3 player to your car stereo.

But it is not easy to find the right model because there are different brands on the market. For this reason, I propose a shopping guide to choose your device. For starters, here are the best FM transmitters at the moment in terms of price/quality ratio.

Which is the best FM transmitters 2019 to choose for your car?

Comparative of the top 3 best Bluetooth FM transmitters

VicTsing: The best Bluetooth FM transmitters on the market?


VicTsing: best FM transmitters 2018


A true bestseller of the moment, the FM transmitters with VicTsing display stand out. Compatible with any type of smartphone it offers excellent transmission and sound quality without sizzle while allowing to recharge your phone via the cigarette lighter. 

The built-in display of this interference-free FM transmitter displays the phone number when you receive a call. actually the device works as a hands-free kit even if it is not its main function. You can answer on call while keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road for your safety.

User reviews are overall very positive for the devices of the brand VicTsing. Only one small defect is regularly mentioned for this model. Care must be taken to connect the cigarette lighter plug to the bottom so that the contact does not cut off while driving.


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Comsoon: a compact but powerful FM transmitter

My favorite is the brand new Comsoon FM transmitter that takes up almost no space in your car. It is also equipped with 2 USB ports to charge your electronic devices during the trip in addition to the handsfree function.



For less than $18 the brand Comsoon hits hard by offering to listen to music via a USB key in addition to compatibility with all recent mobile phones for Bluetooth. Sound quality remains among the best at the moment if you choose an unused frequency.

This FM transmitter without noise is ideal if your car stereo is not equipped with a USB port. It is equipped with 3 easy-to-use buttons to choose the transmission frequency, change the music and answer the phone. As with the previous model, there are mainly satisfied driver ratings.

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Mpow: a cheap best FM transmitter of good quality

For about $19 (the price varies according to the promotions) Mpow has put on the market a reliable of best FM transmitters for listening to music from a USB stick or an external device. It is compatible with iPhones and smartphones Samsung Galaxy and other Android models.

Mpow-best FM transmitters


We still find the practical functionality of the daily hands-free kit using the speakers of the car which is very nice. Note also the possibility of charging your phone while driving since the FM transmitter uses the cigarette lighter plug but can connect a device via USB.

So it’s hard to do better in terms of price/quality ratio for the Mpow wireless FM transmitter is a great deal it is easy to use and allows you to listen to music without too much crackling. In short, a perfect model not to ruin itself!


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What is an FM transmitter?

An FM transmitter lets you listen to your favorite music through your car radio. It plugs into the cigarette lighter and automatically broadcasts the music present in a smartphone on a chosen FM radio frequency. Then simply select the FM band with the car radio as if you were listening to your favorite channel.

An FM transmitter is a convenient and inexpensive option to send music to your car stereo from an external device but it’s not always easy to get it started. The device needs optimized settings to work properly depending on the model.


How do Bluetooth FM transmitters work?

FM transmitters work by converting a musical signal into radio waves. It transforms the sound source into an FM radio wave and then broadcasts it so that it can be picked up by a car radio. The smartphone connects to the transmitter via a jack or via Bluetooth.

It’s a wireless solution that works with virtually any car, but it can suffer from interference and poor sound quality. Fortunately, newer models tend to be much more reliable and some can charge your device and act as a hands-free kit for smartphones.


How to choose the best FM transmitters?

If you’re not sure which FM transmitter to choose, here are some important things to consider.


You must consider the possible transmission range before purchasing an FM transmitter. The range must be good enough to allow you to use your devices anywhere inside the vehicle (for example at the rear if a passenger wants to change music).

Most models can transmit sound waves between 3 and 10 meters. This is large enough to get good signal quality inside your car and even outside your vehicle if you wish.

Number of frequencies

In order for your FM transmitters to function properly, you must have a free FM frequency, that is, not used by a local or national radio. If you live in a city or a densely populated area with many FM radio stations, it will be difficult to find a frequency.

For this reason, before buying an FM transmitter, you must verify that the device offers a wide spectrum of frequencies from 88 to 108 megahertz. This means that you will have the best possible chance of getting a clear signal without interference.

Sound quality

The best sound quality without interference is possible using Bluetooth technology. I advise you to limit your search to models compatible with this technology. It should be noted that more and more devices are filtering noise to minimize noise disturbances.

The ideal location for your FM transmitter is between the two front seats if your vehicle antenna is located at the front of the roof of your vehicle. If the antenna is located at the rear of the roof, place the FM transmitter in the rear seat.


There may be a free frequency in your area that is perfect for your FM transmitter. But when traveling, it may be busy with a local radio station, which forces you to look for another frequency. It is thus extremely useful to have the possibility to record frequencies.

Likewise, some FM transmitters with auto search detect when a radio is superimposed on your signal to search for a new transmit frequency. This means that you will not have to do the research yourself, and the device will change frequency without any action on your part (except synchronization with your car radio).

There are all sorts of features in multi-function FM transmitters like random play or fast forward.


Many models of FM transmitters with microphone are versatile since they allow the handsfree function. Compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones, you can use the buttons on the transmitter to answer a call. You will hear the sound of your phone in the headset of the car and talk to your caller safely.

Price and guarantee

It is now possible to find the best FM transmitters for 15 to $20  only. So it’s worth it to choose a more complete model for a few dollars more. Remember to check the warranty period (usually 1 or 2 years) when comparing 2 different models


How to use your FM transmitters?

To use FM transmitters the first time, I recommend that you read the user manual carefully because each model connects differently. Here are the main steps in the majority of cases:

  • Connect the FM transmitter to the cigarette lighter of your car;
  • Synchronize your smartphone (or MP3 player) with the FM transmitter via cable or wireless;
  • Select a frequency on the FM transmitter that is not occupied by a local radio station;
  • Then choose the same frequency on your car radio;
  • Increase the volume according to the power of your device;
  • All you have to do is start the music on your smartphone!


Where to buy the best FM transmitters?

Today, it’s very easy to get an FM transmitter. You have the choice between:

  • Stores specializing in automotive accessories for example.
  • Appliance-oriented stores like Boulanger or Darty.
  • Online merchants including the Amazon mastodon.

The advantage of buying on the internet is the 14 days of retraction that allows you to test an FM transmitter for free for a week to 10 days before choosing whether it is easy to use and effective for its use.

I hope this guide has helped you choose the best FM transmitters for your needs. If you would like to comment or recommend a product that I did not include please use my contact form to contact me.


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