5 Best Electric Epilator Reviews Wet & Dry (2021)

Best Wet & Dry Electric Epilator Reviews

Best Electric Epilator Reviews

The time of “suffering to be beautiful” is more than ever gone! Today women want to take care of themselves and be pretty without having to put too much effort to make things easy for you we are going to talk about the best-wet epilator reviews in 2021 that you can use underwater.

Hair removal is no exception to this rule, and in this view, getting a silky and soft skin with ease and without any pain is the absolute dream.

Leading beauty brands have understood this by providing their users with electric epilators that can be used underwater equipped with the latest advanced technologies and more and more efficient. Designed to save a maximum of time while avoiding any pain it comes in many models each with their particular characteristics and strengths.

Best epilator for face and body to discover in this article

ProductsUser ReviewsPrice
Braun Silk-épil 9 9-961V Women's Epilator, Electric Hair Removal, with 2 Exfoliation Brushes & Skin Care System 176Price
Braun Silk-épil 5 5-541 Women's Epilator, Electric Hair Removal, Wet & Dry, with a Bikini Trimmer, White/Purple
Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator, Electric Hair Removal, Cordless Wet & Dry Use, (BRE635)
Panasonic ES-ED90-P Wet/Dry Epilator and Shaver, with Six Attachments including Pedicure Buffer for Foot Care
Ladies Electric Shaver, ETEREAUTY 4 in 1 Waterproof Women Shaver with Body Hair Bikini Trimmer and Facial Cleasing


The real revolution offered by the electric epilator

Whether it is to please others to please themselves or to respect the dictates of beauty women want more than ever to enjoy soft skin without hair without losing their time in institutes where the benefits can sometimes be expensive. To meet their expectations, different manufacturers have launched compact electric epilators easy to handle and always more efficient.

Based on the principle of the tweezers they are equipped once in operation allow to remove hairs increasingly smaller at the root for an optimal result of up to 4 weeks.

Moreover, to limit the pain using an electric epilator in the bath or an electric epilator in the shower turns out to be an excellent option because the hot water expands the pores of the skin and softens the hair that becomes easier to clean.

What are the benefits of using an epilator underwater

Wet and dry epilators reviews: The advantages

  • They have an ergonomics that makes them easy to handle even in the most delicate places
  • They are equipped with the latest technologies on the market and make it possible to remove a maximum of hair including the shortest in a few passes
  • When used during a bath or a shower it saves valuable time
  • Significantly reduce the sensation of pain because hot water allows both to expand the pores and soften the hair

Some tips to allow you to do well underwater

To smooth your hair removal it is always wise to prepare your skin using a scrub. You can do it in the 48 or 72h that precedes it if you want to obtain an optimal result. Acting in two steps it dilates the pores of the skin in order to extract the roots of the hairs more easily and to prevent the regrowth of unwanted ingrown hairs.

During your hair removal:

  • Do not forget to stretch your skin to reduce the pain
  • Pass your epilator with the other hand as many times as necessary to remove all the hair
  • Keep your epilator always perpendicular to the area to be treated in order to access all the hair
  • Do not press too hard on your epilator not to irritate your skin

Once your hair removal is finished and your skin rinsed do not hesitate to apply a lotion or a moisturizing and soothing cream to perfect your result.

The importance of properly maintaining your wet & dry electric epilator

Whether it is to maintain its hygiene by preventing the spread of bacteria or preserve all the power of your device it is imperative to regularly maintain your epilator. For your convenience, many models come with a hard bristle brush designed for this purpose.

Thanks to it you will be able to easily clean the shaving head while easily removing all the small hairs stuck inside the tweezers. You can also opt for a water-based cleaning passing the head of your epilator under a jet powerful enough. Once washed simply dry it before storing it in its case.


The 5 best Wet Epilator reviews 2021

Braun Silk Epil 9 SkinSpa 9-961v – Women’s epilator reviews 🏆

Braun Silk epil 9 SkinSpa 9-961vThe Braun Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa 9-961v Wet & Dry Electric Epilator is a 5-in-1 underwater hair removal device (exfoliation, hair removal, massage) that will allow you to get smooth skin as if you had performed your hair removal with laser.

Equipped with a 40% wider head and a MicroGrip tweezer technology it removes 4x hair shorter than the wax catches in a single pass.

Its massaging massage head is specially designed to improve the appearance of the skin. Its two body scrubs exfoliate the skin and actively fight against the appearance of ingrown hairs. It is the best epilator for sensitive skin, and it can be used for sensitive areas and the bikini.


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Braun Silk-épil 5 5-541 – Cordless wet and dry epilator reviews

Braun Silk-épil 5 5-541 -  Women's Wet EpilatorThe Braun Silk-epil 5,541 underwater epilator is equipped with 28 tweezers with MicroGrip technology which allows you to depilate extremely fine 0.5mm bristles. With a non-slip surface, it can be handled very easily underwater.

It adjusts at two speeds to allow you to achieve hair removal perfectly adapted to your needs and it allows you to massage your skin at high frequency to stimulate and make your hair removal more comfortable and virtually painless.

It is an ideal hair removal device for women who are new to hair removal who will get through it soft and smooth skin for up to 4 weeks. The epilator is wet & dry and you can use it underwater, along with a Bikini Trimmer.


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Advanced Satinelle – Wet & Dry Hair Removal Epilator reviews

Philips HP657450 

The Philips BRE635 Electric Epilator which can be used underwater has an S-shaped handle and a micro-grooved epilation head made of ceramic that allows it to firmly grip all the hair even those who are very fine.

Its extra-large head and ease of handling allow it to remove as much hair as possible in a single pass.

You can use it dry or underwater in the bath or shower as it is the best epilator for pubic hair with ease, thanks to its non-slip handle. You will effortlessly obtain a skin that is durable softer to the touch.


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Panasonic ES-ED90-P: Panasonic epilator review

Panasonic ES-ED90 The Panasonic ES-ED90 underwater epilator is equipped with 2 discs each containing 48 clips that allow you to perform very fast hair removal. With 2 speeds it overcomes very fine hairs and even shorter hairs since it can remove hair of 0.5 mm.

Equipped with a 30 ° swivel head, “Wet & Dry” technology and an LED function it is easy to use on dry skin as on wet skin and allows you to easily remove all parts of the hair in your body including the most delicate and difficult to access.



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ETEREAUTY 4 in 1 – Waterproof Women Shaver Epilator reviews

ETEREAUTY-4-in-Epilator-reviewsThe ETEREAUTY 4 in 1 Wet & Dry Electric Epilator offers gentle and effective hair removal through its Skin Stretcher system.

Its hair removal offers 4 options in one shaver which to allow you to gently depilate without pulling on your skin wet or dry very short hair from 0.5mm. It can be used in two speeds depending on whether you want ultra-soft or ultra-efficient hair removal.

it supports two different way of charging and charging it for eight hours can be used for 120 minutes it. Equipped with a 6 specific accessory for sensitive skin it can be used to depilate very delicate areas. it is a multifunctional epilator shaver it is suitable for Bikini, Armpit, Face, Leg…


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I hope this guide has helped you choose the best electric epilator reviews for your needs. If you would like to comment or recommend a product that I did not include please use my contact form to contact me.


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