The 8 Best Benefits Of The Cervical Pillow


Benefits of the Cervical Pillow

The 8 Best Benefits of the Cervical Pillow

Nowadays more and more people suffer from neck pain. Long hours spent at the computer and intense days at work at the desk with not correct postures, can cause a series of problems in the neck.

Often it is enough to adopt simple corrective actions that help to solve this problem such as doing cervical exercises or buying an ergonomic chair that guarantees correct posture. And among the most effective accessories, there is certainly the cervical pillow.

Sleep with a cervical pillow?

Sleep with a cervical pillow

The area in which the cervical vertebrae are located is very delicate as it is the joint and the support of the head. It is subjected to a high level of stress especially during the day if an incorrect posture is maintained.

The pain increases even if at night it does not provide the neck to the right support allowing the shoulders to rest on the mattress properly and loosen the muscular tensions of the back by aligning the spine that can finally relax.

It is important to say that every person has his own way of sleeping: although some positions at the biomechanical level may seem uncomfortable or more risky for the health of the joints rest remains an extremely personal factor.

At the biomechanical level, however, it is also important to make a distinction and a clarification: not always what seems to us to be more comfortable for sleeping corresponds to being more correct. If you use a pillow that is too high even if you feel more support you can keep the cervical area raised relative to the vertebral axis: this position can also cause misalignment with consequent pain in the facet joints.

On the contrary, if you use a cushion that is too low a reverse mechanism is generated and the neck can assume an inclined downward position with the consequent crushing of the intervertebral disc and the formation of a potential hernia.

The correct position must be that of a perfect horizontal alignment of the vertebral column with the head so that the cervical line is neither too low nor too high in relation to the axis. The cushion must support and adapt to the weight of the head.

Cervical pillow materials?

Cervical pillow materialsThe material with which the cervical pillow is made is undoubtedly a very important element to evaluate before buying. The two most commonly used materials in the models on the market are memory foam and latex since both being non-deformable they are the most effective against neck pain.

Memory foam

It is a really good material for a cervical pillow as it adapts to the body without creating tension and resistance towards the neck.

Conforming to the dimensions and the weight of the body the memory foam pillows favor the maintenance of a correct and natural position producing remarkable benefits at the muscular and cervical level. In fact, this new technology is designed for the treatment of disorders affecting these form which are highly disabling for those affected.

A further advantage produced by these special cushions is the use of washable synthetic materials that prevent the nesting of mites and bacteria responsible for annoying allergies as opposed to what happened with the old goose down headrests that could hardly be sanitized deeply.

An advantage of this material is that it is very durable and has fairly low prices while compared to other materials (such as latex) it is less breathable and retains heat. However, to compensate for these last two aspects, the best models have a honeycombed structure that protects the cushion from humidity and ensures air circulation.


It is a material of natural origin that is then processed until the foam is obtained. Once compacted and set it is cut into very light and spongy slabs. The advantage of this material is that the internal honeycombed structure makes it extremely breathable preventing water and bad smell from stagnating.

Normally on the sheets in latex are also made of additional grooves to increase the breathability and ergonomics of the pillow. Moreover, being a natural material it has the advantage of being totally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. However, we point out that products made of 100% natural latex are extremely expensive so most of the models on the market have a percentage of natural latex mixed with other materials such as air or water which give firmness to the cushion.

Benefits of the cervical pillow?

Here are the main benefits you can get by choosing a cushion of this type.

1. Offers differentiated support

These cushions are to be considered true orthopedic products which offer differentiated support optimal for head, neck and shoulders. They are designed to allow soft support to the face and proper support for the neck.

2. Help the alignment of the body

It is thanks to this factor and to the correct alignment of the head neck and shoulders that the ergonomic cushions can help prevent control and attenuate the disorders of the cervical tract. Moreover, these pillows are suitable for all those sleeping on their stomachs or on their sides since they favor the most indicated posture.

3. Helps to maintain the cervical curve

A proper product can help you maintain your normal cervical curve while you sleep on your back allowing your muscles and ligaments to relax and regain their normal length.

4. Loosen tensions

A cushion of this type allows you to lean on the mattress in the right way loosening muscle tension. And the spine can thus find the most correct position.

5. Effective also on the side

This specific pillow can also be effective when sleeping in the side position, preventing unnatural neck flexion.

6. You wake up rested

The support that can not guarantee traditional cushions is offered. On the contrary, develop tensions that extend over time. When you wake up you realize you have slept badly and when you wake up you feel like you’re “broken” with your neck, with a fixed pain and great soreness.

7. Attenuates pains

Choosing the right pillow is important for your physical health. For those suffering from cervical pains (and, consequently, back pain ) there is a cushion made on purpose: it is a model with a particular shape (a wave, with the raised ends and the part where the head is lowered) which allows you to rest assuming a correct neck posture.

8. It is a technical product

If of excellent quality both latex and memory foam pillows make the difference by greatly improving your sleep. It must be said that often memory lovers are not latex and vice versa! The latex turns out to be softer and more elastic not necessarily yielding but still welcoming. The memory just resting the head may seem very soft: but after shaping its shapes on yours becomes stiffer because it compresses and therefore offers considerable support.

Here are some of the Best Cervical Pillows 2021

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5.Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

TAMPOR Memory Foam Pillow Bamboo Charcoal


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Best Benefits of sleeping with a cervical pillow

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